Thursday, October 20, 2016

Blog 2- Identity

      My memes are almost entirely centered on the Muslim faith. Whether the memes directly or indirectly say the words “Muslim” or “Islam” it is clear that that is the focus of conversation in each of these images. Specifically, I hope to bring to light the vast differences in policy and acceptance of the Muslim faith in the United States between our current President and our presidential hopeful. While these memes do not specifically highlight any of the specifics about the actual theological beliefs of the Muslim faith, they do denote a certain reaction towards the decisions made by the actual members of the religion, of which are supposed to be more peaceful and understanding, along with those who are more radical and violent. 

One thing that can be noticed in each of these sets of memes is the fact that the Muslim faith is usually portrayed as a violent, war-mongering ideology. Although the approach taken by each of these men in regards to how to handle this subject is completely night and day, it is obvious, at least in my opinion, that the facts are clear. While Islam is supposed to be the “religion of peace,” it is clear from these memes that the author seems to think differently. On the other hand, the identity of this religion is kind of lost in these memes and, as stated by Lovheim, the actual religious aspects of the Islamic faith are “coherent, yet continuously revised” (Lovheim, 2008, pg. 50)  in an attempt to poke fun at the political candidate rather than highlight the actual religion itself. Because of the fact that the creator of these memes is so clear in their own stance about each of these characters and the religion they are depicting, what is known as the “second wave” (Ibid., pg 46) or the allowance of critical empirical study of the actual identity of both the subject of the meme and the character being represented is able to happen. When doing this study, it could be gained from these memes that the Islamic faith is one of strict adherence to their own policy with no tolerance for those who oppose their ideology, while those who are in authority either are complacent in regards to the handling of Muslim relations, or are in and of themselves radical in their policies as well.

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